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April 25th 1916, Day 2 Of The Easter Rising

April 25th 1916, Day 2 Of The Easter Rising

The British decided to give command of their military forces to General William Lowe who was determined to defeat the rebels and oversaw the influx of more British troops into Dublin from the Curragh and Belfast.

At 4 am the British Army occupied the Shelbourne Hotel and began attacking the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) who had taken over Stephens Green with machine gun fire. The ICA in Stephens Green under the command of Michael Mallin was now forced to retreat to the Royal College of Surgeons.

The rising was not proving popular with the citizens of Dublin, the ICA in Stephens Green met with strong resistance from people who were refusing to leave the park, at Jacob’s Biscuit Factory a large howling crowd had gathered and some of them attacked the volunteers which resulted in one of the crowd bring shot dead by a volunteer.

The British military focused on Trinity College Dublin, where an officer training corps was based. It moved its headquarters within the campus to the front of the college, giving a wide range for sniping at rebels moving around College Green and Dame St.

By mid-day, Irish rebel forces lost control of city hall and the South Dublin Union under the command of Éamonn Ceannt saw some fierce fighting.

There was more looting on Sackville Street which prompted Francis Sheehy-Skeffington to attempt to organize a civilian police force. However, he was arrested at Portobello Bridge by members of the 11th East Surrey Regiment and fell into the hands of one of the Rising’s most notoriously vengeful British officers, Captain J.C. Bowen-Colthurst.

That evening, a British gunboat had arrived and shots had been fired at Boland’s Mills, occupied by Irish Volunteers commanded by Éamon de Valera.

Later that night Lord Lieutenant at the time, Lord Wimborne, declared martial law.

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