April 30th 1916, End Of The Easter Rising. – Irish Revolutionaries

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April 30th 1916, End Of The Easter Rising.

April 30th 1916, End Of The Easter Rising.

Although the order to surrender, ending the 1916 rising, had been made the previous day, not all rebel-held positions had been notified.
At 10 am on Sunday, April 30th, the order to surrender reaches Stephen's Green, Boland's Mill & Jacobs biscuit factory.
De Valera, however, decides that he does not take orders from a prisoner and with Pearse now in captivity, he now takes orders from Commandant MacDonagh.
MacDonagh also states that the surrender order is invalid as Pearse is a prisoner although he agrees to meet with General Lowe to parley
Although those on North Brunswick had agreed to a ceasefire yesterday, they would not yet believe that a surrender warrant had been issued. Two priests are allowed access to Pearse in order to acquire an official surrender statement.
MacDonagh meets with Lowe and a further surrender deal is reached with a truce in place until 3 pm.
An exhausted O’Farrell is now travelling around the city conveying MacDonagh’s new surrender order to the Volunteers. Some are angry with the order believing they should fight until the end.
The Irish Citizen Army at Stephen’s Green surrender around midday and 120 men and women march from the Green. At 3.30, Jacob’s Garrison also marches into the custody of the enemy.
It wouldn’t be until after 3 pm that the Volunteers in the South Dublin Union would also lay down their arms. Although they comply with the order, they are unhappy and unable to understand why the fight does not continue.
From 4.30pm, the Volunteers within the grounds of the Rotunda are marched to Inchicore and with Dublin citizens now emerging from their shelter to view the destruction of the city, the rebels are heckled as they make their way there. The opposite occurs as Vice-Commandant O’Connor leads the 3rd Battalion from Boland’s Bakery. Crowds cheer and offer their support for the rebels.
By 6 pm, the fighting has ended.
There were are at least 485 deaths, 50% of whom were civilians. In total, 1,350 people lie dead or wounded and 3,430 men and 79 women have been arrested by the British.

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