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General Humbert Declares An Irish Republic

General Humbert Declares An Irish Republic

After the spectacular victory over the redcoats in Castlebar on August 27th 1798, the French & Irish relaxed for a couple of days and even held a victory ball.

On August 31st General Humbert made the following decree, an Irish Republic was declared with Connacht as one of its provinces, John Moore a United Irishman from Ashbrook Co Mayo was chosen as the president.

Army Of Ireland

Liberty, Equality

Head quarters at Castlebar, 14th Fructidor, sixth Year of the French Republic, One and Indivisible.

General Humbert, Commander in Chief of the Army of Ireland, desirous of organising with the least possible delay, an administrative power for the Province of Connaught, decrees as follows:

1. The Government of the Province of Connaught shall reside at Castlebar till further orders.

2. The Government shall be composed of twelve members, who shall be named by the General-in-chief of the French Army.

3. Citizen JOHN MOORE is named President of the Government of the Province of Connaught, he is specially entrusted with the nomination and reunion of the members of the Government.

4. The Government shall occupy itself immediately in organising the Military power of the Province of Connaught, and with providing subsistence for the French and Irish Armies.

5. There shall be organised eight regiments of infantry, each of twelve hundred men, and four regiments of cavalry, each of six hundred men.

6. The Government shall declare rebels and traitors to the country all those who having received clothing and arms, shall not join the army within four and twenty hours.

7. Every individual from sixteen years of age to forty, inclusive, is REQUIRED in the name of the Irish Republic, to betake himself instantly to the French Camp, to march in a mass against the common enemy, the Tyrant of ANGLICIZED IRELAND, whose destruction alone can establish the independence and happiness of ANCIENT HIBERNIA.

The General Commanding-in-Chief


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