July 10th 1921 Belfast's Bloody Sunday – Irish Revolutionaries

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July 10th 1921 Belfast's Bloody Sunday

July 10th 1921 Belfast's Bloody Sunday

One day after the truce was announced and one day before it was due to come into effect Belfast saw a day of carnage.

Belfast was already very tense with the 12th only a few days away and Loyalists feeling that the truce was a sell out to the IRA.

On the night of July 9th, the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) believed it would be a good idea to raid the Falls Road looking for commanders of the Irish Republican Army.

The IRA had prior knowledge of the raid so they set up defences in the area in case the RIC came into the area to shoot people which was the norm at the time.

On sighting the RIC the local people came out with bin lids, and whistles. When the IRA unit appeared on Raglan street they saw a flashing red lamp which was the warning of an enemy incursion.

The IRA opened fire on the RIC killing one and wounding two, the RIC immediately responded by burning down a GAA hall on Raglan street that night.

The next day, as news spread about the RIC man been killed, Loyalists from the Shankill, lay siege to Nationalist communities.

Fierce rioting, house burnings and gun battles ensued from early morning on Sunday, July 10th.

People travelling on trams on the Falls Road came under fire from Loyalists and the crown forces who were travelling in armoured cars fired indiscriminately into houses.

The IRA found itself stretched to the limit in trying to repel the attacks.

The trouble that day resulted in seventeen dead, over one hundred wounded and two hundred homes burned to the ground.

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