May 28th 1798, Battle Of Enniscorthy – Irish Revolutionaries

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May 28th 1798, Battle Of Enniscorthy

May 28th 1798, Battle Of Enniscorthy

The Wexford rebels confident after their victory at Oulart Hill now descended on the town of Enniscorthy, along the away rebel forces swelled to roughly 10,000.

The attack on Enniscorthy began at about 1 p.m., when the rebels drove a herd of cattle through the town's Duffry gate, creating disorder, and set the town's buildings on fire.

The troops defending the gate withdrew to a stone bridge over the River Slaney. After a determined defence of about three hours, the loyalist forces had expended their ammunition.

They were also flanked by rebels wading across the river's low water, but after having driven all the rebels out of town, they were ordered to abandon the town and withdraw to Wexford, which they did alongside a terrified multitude of men, women and children fleeing the burning town.

Roughly about 500 rebels died in the battle; the crown forces lost 100. The rebels set up a formidable encampment of 10,000 men on the nearby heights of Vinegar Hill and were able to roster forces to garrison Enniscorthy.

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