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Remembering Kieran Doherty - 1981 Hunger Strike

Remembering Kieran Doherty - 1981 Hunger Strike

Kieran Doherty was born in Andersonstown West Belfast on October 16th 1955, the third son in a family of six.

Kieran was educated at St. Theresa's Primary School and Glen Road Christian Brothers School (CBS).

The Doherty brothers were known cyclists and sportsmen in the Andersontown area; Kieran won an Antrim Gaelic football medal at minor level in 1971.

Kieran joined Fianna Éireann in 1971 Kieran proving himself to be an outstanding member of the Fianna.

Reliable, quick on the job, he was obviously giving the best of himself to every task assigned him with the aim of being noticed and recruited for the IRA as quickly as was possible.

Kieran was interned by the British Government between February 1973 and November 1975. He was among the last internees released and immediately reported back to the IRA.

In 1976 Kieran received 18 years for IRA activity and was sent again to Long Kesh, but this time there was no political status and joined the blanket protest.

Kieran spent the next few years in a constant battle with the brutal screws in Long Kesh but despite this Kieran became a fluent Irish speaker and an outstanding chess player.

But the blanket protest and the 1980 hunger strike did not win political status, so another hunger strike bean in March 1981.

Kieran joined the 1981 Hunger Strike on May 22nd, In June Doherty stood as a candidate in the 26 counties general election.

Doherty was elected for the Cavan/Monaghan constituency with 9,121 (15.1%) first preference votes and became the second Hunger Striker after Bobby Sands MP to be elected.

On August 2nd 1981, after 73 days on Hunger strike, Kieran Doherty TD aged 25 died in Long Kesh hospital.

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