September 20th 1803 Robert Emmet Executed – Irish Revolutionaries

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September 20th 1803 Robert Emmet Executed

September 20th 1803 Robert Emmet Executed

On September 19th Robert Emmet was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death, to be carried out the next day.

Emmet was brought to Newgate Gaol then Kilmainham Gaol where he was allowed see his friends and write some letters. Emmet was rejoiced at hearing the news that his mother had died a few days previously, he would meet her in the new world.

At about 1 pm on September 20th 1803 under heavy guard, Robert Emmet was brought to Thomas Street in Dublin's south inner city where his rebellion had taken place a few weeks previously, a scaffold had been built on the corner of St Catherine's church.

Emmet bravely took the steps of the scaffold and boldly addressed the crowd with the words:

"My friends, I die in peace and with sentiments of universal love and kindness towards all men."

The halter was then placed around his neck, the plank on which he stood was tilted from beneath him, after hanging for a few minutes his head was severed and held up to the crowd.

Emmet was first interned in Bully's acre near Kilmainham hospital but his remains were moved and secretly buried.

"Bold Robert Emmet, The Darling Of Eireann
Bold Robert Emmet, Will Die With A Smile
Farewell Companies Both Loyal And Daring
I'll Lay Down My Life For The Emerald Isle"

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